DATES: 26,27,28 MAY 2017
  • Transportation Puno - Cuyocuyo - Sandia - Puno and to all recreation and competition areas.
  • Camping and tent.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (according to the program).
  • Instructors and specialized guides.
  • Assistance staff.
  • Entrance fees to the swimming pools of the Hatun Putina complex.
  • Participation in the Adventure activities. Biking, Rappel, Zip line, Trekking.
  • Bicycle and safety equipment (helmet, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads).
  • Hostels or lodges in Cuyocuyo and Sandia village.
  • Equipment rents: Sleepings, mattress, inflatable mattress.
PRICE: S/400.00 PEN OR USD 120.00 per person


We invite you to the Second Adventure Tourism Festival. From Lake Titicaca to the jungle of Puno. In an attractive program summarized below:


5:00 am We meet in the Plaza de Armas de Puno, to board the buses that will take us to the City of Juliaca. Place where we will meet with the adventurers from other cities of Peru and we will then go to our destination. SANDIA ... in the Oriental Jungle of Puno.

10:00 am We will do the first stoping, in the mountain of SALLACO, gateway to the Province of SANDIA and to the District of Cuyocuyo, having as landscape the HIGH SNOWS OF THE EASTERN CORDILLERA DEL PERU to a height of 4700 masl; Place where we will begin our 1st ADVENTURE ACTIVITY, the BIKING, in a descent of enjoyment by the meandering routes, with majestic and unique landscapes by almost 3 hours in bicycle; To a height of 3450 masl in the district of CUYOCUYO, arriving to pass through 4 natural regions of Peru.

1:00 pm After the welcome in the village CUYOCUYO, we will have a delicious ANDEAN BUFFET prepared with the main products of the area, such as potatoes, beans, oca, izaño, the savory mountain cheese and the eternal corn, friend of the adventurer.

3:00 pm After having lunch we will start to install our camp in the SICSE area, from where we will also begin to carry out the activities of RAPPEL, ZIPLINE AND THERMALISM, in the BEAUTIFUL THERMAL SWIMMING POOL OF HATUN PUTINA. At the same time will begin the competition of CLIMBING IN ROCK in the mode SPEED, for amateurs and masters.

7:00 pm We will enjoy a pleasant dinner, under the light of hot fires and in the tranquility of the camp, and also can practice observing stars in the clear skies of CUYOCUYO.


5:00 am Before the adventurous day that awaits us, we will taste of an energetic breakfast; To begin the activities of: Trekking, Biking of enjoyment and recreation (cycling) and BIKING COMPETITION.

7:00 am After picking up our cozy camp and having shipped all the equipment. The TREKKING group will start the walk to the village of SANDIA, by an old way. While the rest of adventurers prepares to descend on their respective bikes and the participants of the MTB CONTEST prepare their bikes for the competition

10:00 am The BIKING competition starts in OPEN DOWNHILL MARATHON mode, starting from the Palcachaca area with the final goal of the SANDIA village. At the same time the adventurers of the practice of BIKING IN CYCLING will begin the descent from the town of Cuyocuyo also to SANDIA village, in a different way from the competition, enjoying beautiful landscapes and passing through the dangerous area of LA REPISA, the place Of the deep abysses

1:00 pm: We will arrive at the village of Sandia, where the villagers will welcome all the participants.

2:00 pm: We will have an energetic and pleasant lunch, and then install our camp at the stadium of the village of Sandia. Taking the afternoon free to visit the city and the village fair

7:00 pm: We will have dinner and later enjoy pleasant bonfires, sharing the experiences of the day


7:00 am: We prepare to take the respective breakfast, watching the paragliding show, which will be done in the village of SANDIA.

7:30 am: After setting up our camp. We are heading to the IPARO Zone, where the RAFTING COMPETITION will be developed in the mode of DOWN RIVER / KAYAK AND RAFTING. In the same way the adventurers of BIKING will begin the trip to the zone of the contest, entering the Forest of Puno enjoying landscapes of this natural region.

12:00 We will have a picnic lunch, enjoying the scenery of the jungle of Puno, and then return to the village of Sandia.

3:00 pm Return to the Puno City ... END OF OUR WONDERFUL ADVENTURE.